Virtual Mechanical Organ

The sound files on this page have all been made by computer using recorded sound samples of actual pipe organs.
The recordings were digitally made using a laptop and a Creative 24 bit Live sound card.
The final samples were then put into a MIDI format using the Creative Vienna Soundfont program.
This has produced a Virtual Mechanical Organ Soundfont.

I started off by using recordings of my own pipework to produce 'De Bedrieger' ( The Imposter ). I am slowly builing up the samples to produce other virtual mechanical organs.

Watch this space ......................


De Bedrieger Virtual Street Organ

  Count of Luxemburg
Heb De Hele Nacht
Kleine Jongen
Heinzelmannchens Wachtparade
Jailhouse Rock
Peter Griffiths Boogie
Hornpipe from The Water Music
A L'Attaque


Virtual Hand Turned Organ



Virtual German Organ

Emperor Waltz



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